Gears of War 4 Free DLC Coming This Month

More Gears of War 4 free DLC is on its way this month. Among the updates are two new maps, bug fixes, improvements, and a Christmas inspired event.

Gears of War 4 Free DLCSince its release in early October, Gears of War 4 has seen continuous updates. This includes additional content, maps, and fixes to improve the experience. Based on their next update, December won’t be any different.

As part of the Gears of War 4 free DLC, players will receive two free maps called Speyer and Glory. Speyer is a town that was abandoned long before the Locust war, keeping it fairly intact. Large, open areas make long range fighting effective. Glory takes place in a former COG battery. Players can capture the big fortress to gain control of a powerful turret. The maps will be made public on December 13. Season pass holders can test them out early on December 6.

Other tweaks with the update include a daily reward system, bonus credit and XP for season pass holders, and prematch lobbies. Additionally, new tools will begin rolling out to discourage players from quitting matches early.

Lastly, an event called Gearsmas will take place later this month. Similar to the Halloween event, characters will have Christmas inspired heads, content to unlock, and a whole new mode with winter-themed weapons. Find out additional details over at Xbox’s official website.

It looks like December is a good time to play with all the Gears of War 4 free DLC. If you already put the game back on your shelf, this may be the time to dust it off.

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