Street Fighter V Has Released This Year’s Holiday Pack

Capcom has released holiday content for Street Fighter V which includes a new map called Frosty Blvd., complete with snowflakes, a Christmas tree, twinkling lights, candy cane candles, Santa’s sleigh, ornaments, and wrapped presents with ribbon bows.

It also comes with six new costumes, predominantly red outfits with white fur including swimsuit-like outfits, laced or leather boots, gold heart belt buckles, capes, gloves, Santa caps, and festive cowboy hats. Though the colors of the outfits can be changed to one of ten different colors, they’re still Christmasy in nature. The costumes are meant for Karin, Ken, Laura, R. Mika, Zangief, and Juri.

Each of the six costumes costs $4 when sold individually and the level costs $2. All together totaling $26 dollars. But players can, instead, purchase them as a set for $20. The stage can also be purchased for 40,00 fight money, which is the game’s in-game currency.

All purchases need to be made by January 17th when Capcom will pull the items from the Steam and PSN stores, and they will not be available after. The package will be available for those at PlayStation Experience to demo this weekend.

The second day of the Capcom Cup will take place at PSX on Saturday, where the top eight Street Fighter players, from the 32 that started, will compete in double elimination matches for the chance to win part of the $350,000 worth of prize money. First place gets $120,000, the second place winner gets $60,000 and third place gets $25,000. The first day will take place at the E-Sports Arena the day beforehand. Players from all over the world are participating including guys from Korea, Japan, China, Taiwan, Norway, Singapore, France, Brazil, Hong – Kong, the Dominican Republic, the United States, and the United Kingdom.

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