After working on League of Legends and leaving Riot Games Jesse Houston, Robin Mayne and Sean Bender opened Phoenix Labs in Vancouver with some veterans who worked on past Mass Effect titles and began work Dauntless a free multiplayer online action-RPG that will be coming to PC next year. In it the planet is overrun by monsters know as Behemoths. Slayers go to hunt down the creatures across the floating pieces of the destroyed land to protect the human race. With each monster defeated, players will get rewards allowing them to create new armor and weapons. Players will have to “defy extinction” as new threats appear including Drask, Embermane,and Shrike.

In an interview with Engadget they stated this about the game: “It’s about sharing this fantasy experience with long-time friends and finding new ones along the way” and they drove inspiration from games like Monster Hunter, WoW, and Dark Souls. They stated that the game will still aim to have a unique AAA feel but will certainly be different. He also stated, “We believe games are a performance art where quality is in part defined and judged by the audience, and we want to build a deep, meaningful relationship with that audience for years to come.”