Best Watch Dogs 2 PC Gold Edition Deal is Currently 20% Off

It’s been about 2.5 weeks since the release of Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs 2 and while the reviews are pretty good, already the price is showing cracks. During Black Friday a few retailers had the console version as low as $40, and that price has been repeated at NewEgg after a new coupon code this weekend only. While you won’t see as big of a discount on the PC version given the game just came out – we did cobble up a few noteworthy savings as high as 20% off.


There you’ll not only find the Standard Edition 20% off, with a drop to $47.99, but also price breaks on the Deluxe and Gold Editions. These too are of course 20%, but being the same percentage on a higher priced item, the dollar amount savings is higher.

Watch Dogs 2 PC Gold and Standard Deals for Uplay

Watch Dogs 2 Console Standard Deals

The discounts at GMG do not require coupon codes or any fancy tricks. Often you’ll need to login first to see a discount at GMG, but it’s not the case on this group of Watch Dogs 2 deals.

Note: if you’re thinking console, the PS4 and Xbox One coupon to $39.99 is only valid this weekend. The coupon only works on the Standard Edition and won’t apply to the higher end Deluxe and Gold versions.

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