PlayStation Experience Coverage – December 3rd

***Note: all times listed in this article are in PST.***

PlayStation Experience Kicked off at 10 AM PST in Anaheim, California and runs until 10 PM tomorrow. Along with the keynotes, viewers can expect six developer panels, three of which will take place today, as well as followed by three tomorrow. Sundays panels include one called “Accessibility: Making Games for All Gamers”. Streaming for the event is available on PlayStation’s Facebook Live VideoTwitch, and YouTube.
With numerous developers in attendance, viewers can also expect game demos, game footage, game reveals, and plenty on PlayStation VR. There are also over 100 games playable to those in attendance at the show. It’s certainly a great way to celebrate PlayStation’s 22nd birthday.

The first things viewers were introduced to today was a trailer for Uncharted – The Lost Legacy that features Claudia Black as Chloe and Laura Bailey as Nadine. It has also been confirmed that all of the game takes place in India as many assumed by the Hindi being spoken. The game has been described as a hefty stand alone.

This was followed by the new Marvel v.s. Capcom 4 trailer, they will be showing gameplay of it tonight at the Capcom Cup. To the excitement of many, it includes MegaMan and Iron Man. Additionally Ultimate Marvel v.s. Capcom 3 hit the PlayStation store today and Akuma also made his Street Fighter 5 debut.

Following this WipEout Omega Collection was announced.

Sparrow racing is back with new maps, strike scoring, quests , gifts, treasure, challengers, shaders, emblems, weapons and gears in Destiny: Rise of Iron – The Dawning DLC. The first-person shooting game was released in September by Bungie and Activision for both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. It is playable at the event this weekend.

Next, viewers also got to see more on a favorite marsupial Crash Bandicoot in their N.Sane Trilogy Remastered Edition. He smashes plates, collects wumpa fruit,  enjoys the protection of Aku Aku – the floating mask, spins away crabs, and avoids scary plants, escapes from TNT, rides boars and lily pads, runs from boulders , defeats Papu Papu, and takes on the evil  Dr. Neo Cortex.

The Call of Duty World League is back with over 4 million dollars in prize money. The invitationals started tonight, with six teams from North America taking on two from Europe and the matches will be viewable on The Call of Duty: Twitch. The teams competing include Elevate, eUnited, Evil Geniuses, FaZe Clan, Luminosity Gaming, Orbit, Renegades, and Rise Nation. Evil Geniuses will face Orbit first starting at 12 PM, followed by FaZe Clan taking on Renegades at 1:15 PM. The losers of both games will take on one another in an elimination match a 2:30 PM. And the winners will participate in a qualifying match at 3:45 PM PST. Then Elevate will take on Rise Nation at 5 PM. And Luminosity Gaming will face Eunited at 6:15 PM EST. This will be followed by another losers elimination match at 7:30 PM. And a qualifying match for the winners at 8:15 PM. Tomorrow will be followed by a qualifying match at 10 AM as well as one at 11:15 AM. Then two Semifinal Brackets at 12:30 PM and 1:45 PM, followed by the Grand Final at 3 PM.

And this announcement was followed by another trailer Resident Evil 7 Biohazard which is a scheduled to release on January 24th and will be playable with PlayStation VR. But, their PlayStation 4 update had received a new demo tonight. The also noted their “Banned Footage” DLC. In the game players will experience the terrors of a frightening plantation mansion in Dulvey, Louisiana where the Baker family lives. Their demo The Beginning Hour is currently available on the PlayStation Store.

Viewers also got a look at Bandai Namco’s Ace Combat 7 which has a VR demo at the event.

Then the president of Sony’s Worldwide Studio, Shuhei Yoshida, took the stage with The Last Guardian‘s launch trailer. And members of the crowd chanted his name upon his arrival. In the game, a young boy and his giant feather friend rely on one another to survive. The game is set to launch on the 6th of this month.

Additionally, he announced that the rhythm game Papa Parappa the Rapper is being remastered for its 20th anniversary and a demo will be made available on the PlayStation Store today and it will also be available to play on the show floor. Players play the paper-thin rapping dog who wants to woo a flower-esk girl named Sunny Funny. However, another wealthy dog, Joe Chin is also trying to win her over. To impress her he learns Kung-Fu and gets his license. And he bakes her a cake for her birthday. There is also a feature that allows the Dual Shock to work as a metronome. It will also have native 4k support on the PS4 Pro.

He also announced Knack 2 stating it was for every “from the young to the young at heart and from casual to core gamers.” The trailer showing a multitude of settings taking players from dojos to temples, to factories, cities, beaches, and ice capped mountains.

And Raven was made playable in free DLC for Gravity Rush 2 known as The Arc of Time- Raven’s Choice which will come out in March. The upcoming action-adventure game itself is scheduled to release on January 18th of next year.

And viewers also received an update on Grand Turismo Sport. The game aims for real world physics and vehicle dynamics, striving to be as realistic as possible. It has over 140 cars to race and 27 tracks from 19 different countries including the Nürburgring, Tokyo Expressway, and Northern Isle Speedway. It has single player races, time trials, drift trials, and 2- Player Split Screen. And it is the first and only game to have online championships certified by the Federation International Automobile.

And a Level 5 RPG called Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom followed that. In the game, darkness looms over the land. But with the help of friends players may bring back that light.

Next Gio Corsi, Senior Director at Sony Interactive Entertainment took over and received a great applause. His focus was on #buildingthelist. And he started out by noting that both Yukuza Kiwami and Yukuza 6: The Song of Life are coming to the west. The legend of the Dragon of Dojima began on PlayStation 2 and will continue on the PlayStation 4.

This was followed by announcing Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony with the note “Third time’s the charm”. The game will have all new locations. It will come out on both PS4 and PlayStation Vita.

Following this was a look at the PlayStation exclusive NieR: Automata trailer by Platinum Games. After machines take over the world, humanity moves to the moon. And they send Androids to battle them to reclaim the Earth. Players take the role of an Android. A demo will be released on the PlayStation store in the next few weeks and the game is scheduled to launch on March 7th.

After that trailer, Ys Origin was announced for the PS4 AND PlayStation Vita. The game first released in 2006 in Japan.

A combat flight simulator called Dreadnought, which entered closed beta back in April showed up next. The player mans a large spacecraft with projectile weaponry. There will be various classes of ship, each with their own advantages and drawbacks. These include heavy, assault, sniper, support or scouting vessels. And players will be able to swap out parts including shields, weapons, and engines. Individual can sign up for their closed beta at their booth or online.

Viewers also saw a new trailer for Supergiants action role-play game Pyre, which takes place in a high fantasy setting. In it, players meet three exiles who join them on a journey to purgatory to cleanse their souls. The game boasts a rich atmosphere, a large cast of characters, and a wonderous land. The game will release in 2017 simultaneously for PS4 and Steam. Supergiant previously made Bastion and Transistor. The game will be the first of theirs to have a versus mode.

This was followed by the reveal trailer for Vane by Friend & Foe. The game is an atmospheric adventure about discovering the secrets of an unknown land and finding your place in the world by making changes.

This trailer was followed by a new one for the upcoming martial arts action roleplay Absolver by Slocap. In it, players join the peacekeepers of Adal. They use a deck of cards for combat and this deck includes strikes, parries, and feints among other moves. Players get new cards, weapons, and equipment along the way.

Additionally, viewers got a trailer for What Remains of Edith Fitch, a collection of short stories about a cursed family in Washington State, by Giant Sparrow games. It captures the lives of different family members that existed from the 1900s to those that exist in the games present day. And each story ends with the respective family members death.

And New Machina popped up as well.

Then he showed a whole bunch of indie PlayStation exclusives in a little over a minute including Hellblade, Orcs Must Die Unchained, Gnog, Everything, Nidhogg 2, and more.

Let It Die 3 is free to play on the PlayStation Store later today. It’s a hack and slash game, set ten years in the future where a large earthquake has occurred causing mass destruction. The South Western part of Tokyo splits off becoming its own island in the process. Continuing earthquakes cause large spires to shoot out of the ocean and most are too afraid to approach them. Players wake up in nothing but their underwear in this post-apocalyptic setting and must defeat enemies for weapons and armor. And they must eat mushrooms to stay alive. Each person who dies is then left behind and will become an opponent. There is a demo available at the event and those who complete it will receive a pin.

And Mother Russia Bleeds, Garou: Mark of the Wolves and Surgeon Simulator ER for PSVR go up for sale as well.

The creators of Hitman Go are working Lara Croft Go for PS4 and PlayStation Vita.

And finally, he announced Windjammers was coming to the PS4 and PlayStation Vita.

Asad Qizilbash followed announced Starblood Arena which is available to play at the event.

The in just over a minute he shared a compilation of games that will be out on the PlayStation VR including FarPoint, Megaton Rainfall, Psychonauts the Rhambus of Ruin, Xing the Land Beyond, Dino Frontier, Statik Institute of Retention, Star Trek Bridge Crew, RIGS, and Golem.

Dino Frontier lets players create and manage a frontier settlement in a Jurassic setting as its mayor. The game focuses heavily on resource management.

This was followed by a new Nioh trailer, which is a softly based on the Samurai genre. And is loosely based on the story of a non-Japanese Samurai named William Adams who can see demons, known as Yokai, and is encouraged to go to Japan. The game includes weapons true to the era, 16th century Japan, like katanas, polearms, and axes. But players initially start with hand to hand combat and players will gain new abilities as they become more proficient. The game will focus on skill, patience, and strategy. The game will have nearly 70 hr. of gameplay.

They also showed a baseball game called The Show 17.

Guerrilla Games was scheduled to start Sunday morning with a better look at their upcoming game Horizon Zero Dawn. But they shared a new trailer today.

The Last of Us Part 2 was also announced and Ellie will be the playable protagonist. Gustavo Santaolalla will still be the composer. Troy Baker will still be voice acting Joel and Ashley Johnson will still do the voice of Ellie. Viewers will notice that Ellie now has a tattoo and that her hands are shaking, though the team would not reveal more during the panel for fear of giving away to much.

After just leaving The Game Awards, the industry icon Hideo Kojima further discuss his project Death Stranding at 1 PM today. While they used the same trailer, they changed the music to one with unique lyrics. The other trailer is available in Nerd Much’s The Game Awards article. They will be using Decima Engine developed by Guerilla games and used on Horizon Zero Dawn.

For most of the day before E-Sports check out this video.

 PlayStation Experience will also house the CapCom Cup finals for the top 8 which will begin at 6 PM with an opening ceremony and goes through 10 PM. And the top three will get their fair share of over $350,000. First place will take home $120,000. Second will get $60,000. And the third place winner will receive $25,000.



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