Nintendo Switch Will Run at 1080p When Docked

As the Nintendo Switch comes closer to its March release, Laura Kate Dale from Let’s Play Video Games leaked that the Switch being docked will affect its gameplay. When used as a handheld, games will render in 720p with multi-touch but the dock contains an additional fan allowing it to play games at 1080p on the television. Making games like Skyrim, Mario Kart, Super MarioZelda: Breath of the Wild, and Splatoon look a bit better on the big screen. Though it’s still a far cry from the 4K coming out of competing systems.
Nintendo Switch Livestream
However, the price difference may also play a role in purchasing this next generation console which will likely sell around $250 as opposed to the PS4 Pro which is at $399 and the upcoming Xbox Scorpio, which may be around $600 making it the most affordable console option.

If it only takes a fan to up the frame rates on the handheld, why aren’t Nintendo fans getting that in the handheld? If only that were the case! According to the rumor, the Switch handheld underclocks itself to use less power at 720p so that the battery will last longer and frame rate will not fluctuate, plugged in the device does not need to conserve battery at the same rate.

Additionally, the lightweight stands are likely going to be relatively cheap to produce and may be sold separately later on so that families with more than one T.V. can hook them up to each. Nintendo has yet to confirm this but Laura Dale had accurately reported its use of cartridges, its look with the detachable controllers, reveal date and other details which have caused her to be blacklisted by Nintendo UK. That said an insider still appears to be handing her this information.

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