Blizzard’s Justin Browder Moves to an Unannounced Project

The game director on Heroes of the Storm, Justin Browder announced on the forum that he was leaving his current team and moving on to a new, unannounced project. His current role is being taken on by the former technical director of the team, Alan Dabiri. Browder stated, “we sometimes get exciting chances to work on other projects,” and, “I’m going to take one of those chances to try something new at Blizzard.” Similarly, the director of World of Warcraft, Tom Chilton, stepped down to work on what many believe to be the same unannounced project. With Tom Chilton no longer steering the ship will that further postpone any hopes of a Legacy Server.
Last month Blizzard was looking for a lead software engineer to work on a first person, action-oriented engine. They stated the engineer would need a strong understanding of C++, C#, Windows Presentation Foundation, communication, linear algebra, and trigonometry. They will likely take on more staff for the project in the upcoming months. Blizzard is always looking for individuals “live and breathe games” to fill a variety of positions. The company also has locations across the world in Australia, China, France, Ireland, Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, and the United States.

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