Dreamcast 2 May Be In Development

Dreamcast 2We can safely say we did not see this one coming. After 17 years, we just may see the release of the Sega Dreamcast 2.

In an interview with Patrick Lawsen, The Gaming Ground uncovered a lot of details about the so called “Project Dream.” Patrick Lawsen is a member of the Sega Dreamcast 2 group who aim to revive the brand. Helping them are some interns from Sega of Japan and independent OEM designers.

The aim is to create a living room PC at a competitive price. They want it to be able to run Sega’s games both old and new. This puts it more in line competitively with Valve’s Steam Machines rather than Microsoft or Sony.

The original Dreamcast launched in 1999 in America. Although it would eventually fail and mark itself as Sega’s last attempt at a home console, the Sega Dreamcast was often noted for being ahead of its time. At it’s launch, it was the most powerful system on the market as well as the first to have a built-in modem for internet support and online play.

With Shenmue 3 in the works, it seems almost too perfect for this console to come out. Who would have guessed that they could one day continue the Shenmue story on a true Sega platform.

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