New Pokemon Have Made Their Way to Pokemon Go

New Pokemon have started popping up within Pokemon Go. If you thought you were close to catching them all, get ready for the second generation.

Starting today, Pokemon from the second generation are begging to show up within Pokemon Go. Baby Pokemon like Pichu and Togepi are the first to make the jump.

Unlike the original 151, these new Pokemon can’t be caught in the wild with a Pokeball. instead, you will have to head to some PokeStops and hope to collect some eggs. Even then, you still have to cross your fingers in hopes of a new catch.

While the announcement only specifies Pichu, Togepi, and “select other Pokemon,” we image this implies a focus on baby Pokemon. Then, Niantic and The Pokemon Company will begin releasing more and more of numbers 151 through 251.

Additionally, there is another new Pokemon available from now until December 29. If you’re lucky, you may just run into a Pikachu with an adorable Santa hat. Don’t worry if you haven’t found one yet, the developers say players should have no trouble finding one.

This leaves us to wonder if it will be raining down Pikachu on Christmas morning. It may be a good time to collect candies for that Raichu you’ve wanted.

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