Nintendo Switch Live Presentation Starts at 11PM EST on January 12th

Nintendo has announced the start time of the highly anticipated Nintendo Switch Presentation 2017, as we now know that the live stream from Tokyo will begin at 8PM PST/11PM EST on January 12th.nintendo switch price

We got our first official peek at the Nintendo Switch last week when Reggie Fils-Aime brought the Switch to the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, and we’re starting to get a few confirmed games here and there, including Season of Heaven, a Switch exclusive.

Meanwhile, we still have plenty of Switch rumors to chew on, including Virtual Console support for the GameCube, and a rumor that claims it’ll run at 1080p when docked.

As far as the Nintendo Switch Presentation we’re getting on January 12th, Nintendo notes that we’ll get a release date and price. We’re also fully expecting the publisher to announce the launch lineup for the Switch, which hopefully includes that gorgeous-looking Mario we saw in the Switch announcement trailer.

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