Rockstar Opens Up GTA Online For Imports/Exports

Rockstar has reported a brand new update for GTA Online, focused on the Imports/Exports of stolen luxury vehicles. This is found within the CEO extension under Further Adventures in Finance and Felony. In true GTA fashion, the CEO player can steal n’ deal vehicles with Vehicle Cargo and an added Executive Garage capable of storing up to 60 cars. In addition, if breaking state laws aren’t good enough for you, you can now gain access to federally prohibited Special Vehicles.

In SecuroServ has also expanded to the Executive Office where you can now purchase Vehicle Warehouses to fill with even more cars! To make that easier, members of your Organization will be notified when obtainable targets are available from keys to helicopters. More tools include “CEO Abilities and CEO Vehicles. Buyers won’t want damaged goods and the cleaner the getaway; the cheaper the repair fees. Use the Turreted Limo or Buzzard for armored protection and employ the tactical use of Bribe Authorities to drop unwanted heat and Ghost Organization to temporarily take your operations off the map. Or dream big – the tactful deployment of a Cargobob makes for quick extractions and deliveries.”

The rest of the major update includes: “Beyond the 8 new Special Vehicles, stock your massive new Executive Garage with two new Super class cars; the Pegassi Tempesta and Ocelot Penetrator, plus the Principe Diablous Custom and Annis Elegy Retro Custom, two new upgrade options at Benny’s. Executive Garage owners can also add an optional custom shop to their shiny new digs for in-house customization and Benny’s style vehicle Upgrades, which include a variety of garage customizations including lighting and design options.”

This is all available now, though who knows if this is enough rekindle the GTA Online fire. The popular multiplayer has been burning for a long time and a car-focused update might not be what is needs to properly ignite again. What do you think of Rockstar’s GTA Online update? Is it enough to get you addicted to the game once again? Let us know in the comments below!

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