Why Movie Theaters Are Still Relevant – The Fish Tank (Ep. 10)

Happy Monday, everyone! The new year is here, and we’re ready to get started on the more episodes of The Fish Tank.

We last left off talking about where you should spend your Christmas cash. And this week’s episode focuses on Why Movie Theaters are Still Relevant. Why do we and should we continue to go to movie theaters when we can all sit at home in our underwear watching Netflix instead? There are plenty of reasons to go see a film in theaters, but the biggest reason is because of the magic. That is, waiting for a brand new shiny blockbuster movie to be released, buying your tickets, buying overpriced popcorn and a giant soda, and then watching the movie.

A recent example of this is The Hateful 8, which just had its 70mm release that included an overture intro and an interlude, which made it feel almost like a play. And then, you have movies that are heavy on the special effects like Star Wars: The Force Awakens or Jurassic Park that need to be seen on a big screen and surround sound to fully be appreciated.

So why else should you go to your local movie theater? Check out this week’s episode of The Fish Tank above, and if you dig it, subscribe to us on YouTube.

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