PS4 Console Sales Now Over 35.9 Million

PS4 Console Sales latest millions playstation 4Remember back in the previous console generation when analysts predicted the death of console gaming? Well it looks like they were mistaken. PS4 console sales have continued to be strong month after month.

Sony announced today that the Playstation 4 has sold over 35.9 million units as of January 3, 2016. In just the holiday season alone, the console sold more than 5.7 million units. To go along with these consoles, 35 million PS4 games were sold in stores and through digital downloads in just the same time frame.

Not surprisingly, Sony is very pleased with these numbers. The President and Global CEO of Sony said, “We are absolutely delighted that so many customers have selected PS4 as the best place to play throughout this holiday season and that the PS4 community is growing more than ever.”

With Sony having such a light year as far as exclusives, this is incredible news to hear. It shows that with a premium-built console and the right message, a company can overcome a lack of exclusive content.

That’s not to say that Sony doesn’t have exclusives on the way. In fact, 2016 is looking to be packed with all the exclusives you could dream of. Within the next year, you will live in a world where games exist like Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, No Man’s Sky, or The Last Guardian. We hope you saved your money!

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