TMNT Mutants in Manhattan Achievements Leaked

*Update 1/26/16: PlatinumGames has released the first TMNT: Mutants in Manhattan trailer. Check it out!*

Everyone’s favorite heroes in a halfshell, the TMNT, are about to be in a new videogame. Titled Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutants in Manhattan, the game’s achievements were leaked online earlier today.

While the game has yet to be officially announced yet, the full list of achievements and their descriptions can be found on the Xbox Achievements website.

By reading the achievements, you can actually get an idea for what the game might be. Read at your own risk though, as they also contain possible spoilers. What we can tell from reading them is that the game will have some sort of online component. Based on a number of other achievements, it looks like the game may be open world as well.

Rumors first began circling about a Platinum Games TMNT game back in Novemeber when it showed up in the Australian Classification Board’s ratings database.

Platinum Games recently released Transformers Devastation a few months ago. The game was full of 80’s nostalgia and was reviewed fairly well by critics. Not only did the cell-shaded look bring you back to your childhood, but the combat allowed you to switch seamlessly from autobot to vehicle and back.

If Tranformers is anything to go off of, we fully expect TMNT: Mutants in Manhattan to bring us back as well.

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