Hitman Holiday Hoarders Targets are Familiar Villains from Home Alone

Following the blazing trail of Overwatch‘s holiday cheer, IO Interactive reveals their own holiday event for Hitman: Holiday Hoarders, having arrived just yesterday. It’s a free mission for everyone willing to take it, placed in a beautiful Parisian palace. A Christmas fashion show party is in full swing, with hundreds of guests, decorations, Christmas trees, and presents stern about the building. Harry and Marv, the villains from the classic movie Home Alone, are your new targets. The area where Harry and Marv hang out isn’t particularly large and the mission can be done in less than ten minutes – but that doesn’t make it less fun. Replay-ability comes in the usual Hitman form of multiple paths and ways to take out your targets. You can poison, subdue, disguise, and murder your way through the level. Personally, I always keep my propane tanks in the courtyard fountain for easy access.

Harry and Marv play the part of two thieves who have gained entrance to the fashion party and are stealing presents right left and centre. Though if you happen to find the presents before they do, well, mum’s the word. Help yourself and use the treasures to help eliminate the targets. In addition, the more you play the mission in different ways, the more holiday challenges will pop up for more goodies! IO Interactive sure knows the way to a gamer’s heart this season.

What do you think of Holiday Hoarders? What was your favorite way of taking down Harry and Marv? Let us know in the comments below!

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