Spring 2017 Brings Valkyria Revolution to the West

We weren’t sure before, but now it’s officially confirmed: Valkyria Revolution is coming to America and Europe in the spring of 2017 for the PS4 and PS Vita (the Japan release being January 2017). Valkyria Revolution is placed in an alternate timeline, continent, and universe from other titles in the Valkyria series. Two elements remain, however, the azure mineral ragnite and the Valkyria themselves (demi-gods, the remaining few of an ancient race).

The story in this game centres around five friends hellbent on revenge that decide war is the best way to serve it. These friends, the “Circle of Five”, use their “combined political and military influence to garner support from their small, economically blockaded homeland.” All under the banner of resisting imperialist oppressors. In the end, the Circle of Five might be “remembered as heroic liberators, or their selfish motives will expose them as traitorous conspirators who sacrificed untold lives just to carry out a personal vendetta.”

Furthermore, permadeath is making a reappearance in this game as well, in which your soldiers actually die and stay dead. “Combat is strikingly different from Valkyria Chronicles too. In Revolution, turn-based action is replaced with active-style combat on a living, evolving battlefield.”

Despite the differences, do you think Valkyria Revolution will still be as good as the previous titles? Let us know in the comments below!

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