Planet Coaster Sends Out Free Winter Update For All

“Just hear those sleigh bells jingling/Ring-ting-tingling too” come on it’s a Planet Coaster free update for a sleigh ride together with you! That’s right, one adorable holiday theme for your favorite simulation game coming right up! And it’s entirely free!

The Winter Update includes: new rides, management improvements, new scenarios, new shops, winter theme and scenery objects, new transport/tracked rides, and new coaster blueprints. The new rides are “a retro sci-fi ride with 20 swinging gondolas on a horizontal Ferris Wheel that rises to an angle of 87 degrees” and “a long-time favourite… bonkers bumper cars.” Pretty rad, to be sure. Some of the new management features are the ability to “globally set prices, sync shops and open/close attractions” in addition to “an ‘All Staff’ view, which lets you change their salary, training level, roster, and workload all at once.” Fairly handy for increasing the profits of your enterprise.

Personally, I love decorating, so the new themes are rather cool (pun intended). With snow objects, you can “create realistic snow-covered areas and build your own snowman” and my favorite, winter scenery includes a festive Christmas tree and carolling choir. Both would perfectly compliment the new tracked Sleigh Ride and “Iron Horse” train for transport.

There are plenty more features in the update, so be sure to check out the link or your Steam page, where it should be automatically available. What do you think of the new update? Let us know in the comments below!

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