Rail Nation (Android and iOS)

Fancy yourself a railway conductor? If you’re into trains — and who reading this site isn’t — check out a railway game like Rail Nation, a strategy game for your smartphone (or browser) that puts you in charge of your own railroad company.

It’s a free-to-play game developed by Bright Future, and it’s a game of supply and demand that tasks players with running their own train station, earning profits by selling goods using real-time calculations. The profits that are earned through sales are at the player’s disposal for upgrading your train station with new buildings, building upgrades, or new (and better) engines. In fact, there are 11 buildings with 294 level upgrades, 113 engine upgrades, and there are over 50 cities per map. At the center of the game, players can find a helpful dynamic territory map that includes 3D train models, allowing players to evaluate their success.

railnation game

With growing profits, players will be tasked with developing their train fleet, which consists of 36 different steam, diesel and electric locomotives, and 48 different kinds of wagons. The controls for Rail Nation are incredibly easy, and you can jump into the tutorial for a great walkthrough on what to do and how to do it.

Over the course of the game, players can enter transport competitions, racing against the trains of other players. What’s more, players can form corporations of up to 25 players that allows them to team up for one mega team, allowing friends and fellow players to cooperate in-game. There can be thousands of different players competing with and against each other on the same server.

Railnation Game

It’s a slow-paced game of skill and strategy, with a game round typically lasting between 3 to four months at a time. Players will play through six consecutive eras followed by the final endgame, in which players are entered into an ultimate final battle against other players.

The game is vibrant, and it runs great on most phones with no lag or screen tearing. So if you’re looking to live out your American railroad dream, check it out.

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