Phantom Dust Trademarked Again By Microsoft

phantom dust trademark xbox one microsoftRemember back when the Xbox One was first announced? There was a reboot announced for the fighting game Phantom Dust. No remember how we all assumed it was cancelled? Well now we’re not so sure.

The good people over at DualShockers discovered today that a new trademark for Phantom Dust was filed with the United States Patent and Trademark Office on January 13. Predictably, Microsoft filed the trademark under both Class 9 (game software) and Class 41 (online game software).

What is interesting is that Microsoft still holds another trademark for Phantom Dust that was filed in 2003. Because of this, we should remind you that trademarks do not always mean a new game is in the works. Sometimes companies will hold the trademark for years and years just in case they decide to use it later on.

However, with the trademark being filed after shutting down the team behind Phantom Dust, could they be looking for a new developer to helm the project? The head of Xbox Phil Spencer has gone on record saying that Microsoft is “still committed” to the franchise.

We will definitely be keeping our eyes open for new developments, but we suggest putting this one on the back burner for now.

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