Nintendo NX Rumors: 4K Streaming, Works With Other Devices

nintendo nx rumors smartphones pc console 4k stream 900p 60fpsNintendo promised us information on their next console in 2016. Even though they have remained silent so far, we are starting to get more and more Nintendo NX rumors.

The first rumor comes from a Twitter post from The Wall Street Journal reporter Takashi Mochizuki. In his tweet he states, “Nintendo’s NX may work with smartphones, PCs and even rival consoles such as PlayStation4.”

While we don’t know to what extent this interaction entails, but it would be interesting nonetheless.  It should also be noted that Mochizuki obtained the information from David Gibson, the Head of Research at Macquarie Capital Securities in Japan. Because we don’t get an actual source, you should take the news lightly.

The other rumor comes from a GFK survey and was posted on Twitter by Liam Robertson. GFK is a client of Nintendo and the survey mentions a connection between a handheld and console unit. It also talks about 4K/60fps video streaming, 900p/60fps gameplay graphics, and an achievement system.

These are all things Nintendo fans have been clamoring for and would easily make the Nintendo NX a competitive console again. Posted below is the information from the survey, but once again, you should take the news lightly until we hear an announcement directly from Nintendo. Still, it’s nice to dream a little.

Update: More details about the Nintendo NX’s online features have been found in the GFK survey. The survey suggests that the console will have a free online service, but with a paid subscription for additional features. This is very similar to Playstation Plus or Xbox Live Gold.

Interestingly enough, the survey also mentions a subscription service that offers a game library of over 150 titles that will change regularly. New Nintendo NX games will be added between 6 and 18 months after their initial release.

The survey also mentions backwards compatibility and compares various pricing and hard drive configurations with other competing consoles.

nintendo nx rumors smartphones pc console 4k stream 900p 60fps

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