Nintendo NX Releasing Portable in 2016, Console in 2017?

nintendo nx rumor releasing portable 2016 console 2017

**Updated 4/27/16: Nintendo NX release date officially announced as March 2017.**

The Nintendo NX rumors continue today with a possible release plan for the portable and console devices.

This additional information comes to us from Macquarie Capital Securities in Japan. In the document, you can see that Macquarie believes the Nintendo NX will be released as two separate units. The portable component is expected to launch this November with its console partner launching sometime in 2017.

In further speculation, they believe that Nintendo will release this portable device at about $200. The console portion has no estimated price at the moment. It is also to be believed that these devices will have AR capabilities as well.  This was something that the Nintendo 3DS played around with.

Yesterday’s rumors suggested that the Nintendo NX will work with multiple devices including smartphones, PCs, and even competing consoles like the PS4. There was also speculation about a subscription-based service in line with Playstion Plus and Xbox Live Gold.

As with other rumors, you should always take this news with a grain of salt. We’ll have to wait till Nintendo makes an official announcement.  While some of these rumors may very well be true, there is usually more that is pure speculation. For more one the Nintendo NX, keep checking back here in the coming months.

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