Jet Force Gemini Trademark Renewed by Microsoft

Jet Force Gemini Trademark renewed by MircrosoftIn an interesting turn of events, Microsoft has renewed the trademark for Jet Force Gemini. That is 16 years after the original released on the Nintendo 64!

The trademark renewal was filed on June 12, 2015 and finally published on January 19, 2016. You can check out more details at the United States Patent and Trademark Office, but basically the trademark’s use is “game software.”

Please keep in mind that a trademark is definitely not any sort of confirmation for a new Jet Force Gemini game. For example, Microsoft renewed the Battletoads trademark back in 2014, but all we have seen so far is a few cameos in games like Shovel Knight or the upcoming Killer Instinct: Season 3.

Classic Rare fans will recognize Jet Force Gemini as the 3rd person shooter on the Nintendo 64.  Released in 1999, it was considered one of the console’s most original games at the time.

Recently, Jet Force Gemini made an appearance as one of 30 classic Rare titles in Rare Replay, a well-received collection for the Xbox One. Other titles in the mix were Perfect DarkBanjo-Kazooie, and Battletoads.

While every game had its own time and place to shine, we really feel like a modernized approach would really work for Jet Force Gemini. It’s stylized appearance would hopefully help set it apart from other Xbox exclusives such as Gears of War. Only time will tell, so keep coming back here for more as the year goes on.

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