Street Fighter 5 Unveils Story Mode and DLC Plans

Street Fighter 5 unveils story mode dlc plansAccording to CapcomSuper Street Fighter 5 will have the most robust story mode in the history of the series.

In an interview with IGN, Street Fighter 5 will release on February 16 with the standard arcade story mode you’ve seen before. You’ll fight your way through a series of battles with a small bit of backstory given to each character.

Where the story mode will really shine is with the free updated that is set to release in June. The update will bring over an hour of new cutscenes that will expose a much bigger narrative. An idea of the upcoming story can be seen in the newly released trailer below.

Alongside this announcement, Capcom detailed their how you’ll be able to obtain the future DLC characters. While you can purchase each character with actual money, you can also use the in-game currency Fight Money.

Fight Money can be earned offline through the completion of arcade or survival modes with different characters. You can also rank them up individually to earn money. According to Capcom, going through most of the offline content will earn you enough money for one character.

The first character will be released in March along with daily missions to earn Fight Money much more easily. For those who play online matches, you’ll be happy to learn that winning ranked matches will be the most steady way to gain money.

While we definitely like the sound of “free” DLC, we’ll have to see how it works out when Street Fighter 5 releases for PS4 and PC on February 16.

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