Overwatch Comic Reveals First Queer Character

In a very sweet holiday story, Overwatch‘s most popular character Tracer is pictured living with and apparently dating another lovely lady. The comic, titled Reflections, was posted today on Overwatch‘s website. The story features most of the game’s┬ácast, focusing on Tracer and Winston, who narrates as usual. The panels cumulate to a very happy ending, in which Tracer and her partner attend Winston’s adorably decorative holiday party.

Most Overwatch fans have seen this coming and very eagerly been waiting for a reveal in rainbow category, if you will. Though the lady with Tracer isn’t a part of the Overwatch team, as far as we know, Emily seems like she knows and understands Tracer fairly well.

Blizzard has teased multiple times that there would be a few queer characters in Overwatch, and I’m so glad to finally see it come to life with Tracer and Emily. Tracer has certainly been the poster-child of the game since before its launch and her fans have often paired her with Widowmaker. So though the idea hasn’t been new to fans, it’s wonderful to see it made official by Blizzard themselves. There will be more, of course, as members of the production team confirmed at BlizzCon that fans would would soon find out just how diverse the Overwatch cast really is.

Perhaps now BioWare will not be the only major developer with openly LGBTQ characters. Who do you think will be the next for Blizzard to reveal as queer? Let us know in the comments below!

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