The Division Season Pass Detailed by Ubisoft

The release of The Division is just around the corner and this weekend you can get your hands on the open beta. Building off the game’s recent hype, Ubisoft has finally revealed what we can expect from The Division season pass.

According to the company, there will be three paid expansion released throughout the year. Underground is the first expansion and will allow players to run around in the “uncharted underworld” of New York City. Survival will land players in a “very hostile environment” and challenge them to last as long as they can. Details have yet to emerge for the third expansion Last Stand.

All three expansions are included in The Division season pass along with an exclsuive sawed-off shotgun, exclusive outfits and weapon skins, and monthly benefits such as content drops and special events.

For those who don’t want to lay down the extra money, there will be a number of free updates to include new game modes.

The Division season pass comes with both the Gold and Sleeper Agent editions of the game. While it can also be purchased separately, no price has been given at the time of writing.

This game is shaping up to be the next big game to play with your friends. If you’re dying to get your hands on the beta, pre-ordering The Division comes with guaranteed access. Hopefully we’ll see you out there!

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