Beyond Good and Evil 2 Still in the Works

With last year reviving dreams of many long-awaited titles, it looks like one more just might pull through. Beyond Good and Evil 2 is still happening according to creator Michel Ancel.

During Double Fine’s most recent episode of Dev’s Play, Ancel talks about the game in the present tense after Greg Rice of Double Fine asks him about the sequel.

“That’s the problem, [we have] no choice,” said Ancel. “[Beyond Good and Evil 2] has to be great. When we started there was not that much pressure. People are – the crazy thing is that [Beyond Good and Evil] was really not that successful and nobody talked about the game…and now, year after year, more and more people are talking about [Beyond Good and Evil 2].”

While Ancel doesn’t outright confirm or deny the existence of the sequel, his answer definitely implies its existence.

Later in the interview, Ancel answers why he thinks the original has built up such a following so long after its release. “I think it’s that the time and the energy we spent on Beyond Good and Evil is still there, ” he says. “There’s still something about it. When I look at it I see all the work, the AI trying to follow you, the cinematics, the mix of sound, music and colors. It’s all still there.”

Beyond Good and Evil 2 was announced all the way back in 2008. Since then, we have not seen anything new from the game besides the occasional update that it has not been canceled. It’s one of the video game sequels we want to play most. Hopefully Ubisoft will use some of the money they’re making on The Division to help get this game out the door.

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