World of Warcraft Update Features Overwatch Tribute

Patch 7.1.5 for World of Warcraft is bringing back Brawler’s Guild, an organization that arranges one on one battles between willing combatants, captured monsters, and other participants in gladiatorial combat. The patch is to include, among many other new bosses, Ogrewatch, a parody on

The patch is to include, among many other new bosses, Ogrewatch, a parody on Overwatch and a few of its characters.

It’s three parodied Overwatch characters so far via WoW ogres, including Winston, McCree, and Junkrat. Four more have been reportedly datamined but not yet officially announced and include Tracer, Roaddhog, Reaper and Reinhardt.

According to details of the update, the ogres representing Winston, McCree, and Junkrat will be randomly picked for you to fight each session:

“Hudson, a tribute to the gorilla Winston, puts up Barrier Projector and fires Tesla Cannon and Jump Pack. Dupree, a tribute to the cowboy McCree, casts High Noon. Stuffshrew, a tribute to Junkrat, casts  Maniacal Laugh. Kill Dupree before High Noon goes off, disrupt Hudson’s barrier, and avoid Stuffshrew’s bombs. Data points to additional Ogrewatch bosses that could be rotated in, including Blinker for Tracer, Boargut for Roadhog, Render for Reaper, and Steingardt for Rhinehardt.”

Hudson, featured in the video, is fairly close to Overwatch‘s Winston with his blue fur and Tesla Cannon. What do you think of the Brawler’s Guild parody? Let us know in the comment below!

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