Resident Evil 7 Candle Adds Another Dimension To VR Experience

Update: The link works just fine now, and the candle is already on my wish list.

Video game merchandise retailer Merchoid has announced an official “4D candle” meant to be used alongside PlayStation VR. “The Blood, Sweat and Fears 4D Candle for Resident Evil” was “created to fully immerse the player” when traversing the Baker Family’s house in the woods. According to Merchoid, when lit, the candle is supposed to smell like “foisty, old timber and blood” and will burn for up to 20 hours. Keep in mind, this is an actual candle and you do not need VR or any Resident Evil game to use it.re7candle4jan2016946

Merchoids community manager Jessica Adams stated that the candle is purely for immersions’ sake, “the virtual reality experience is incredible, but we want to take you one step further than that. While playing the game, imagine if you could smell everything you could see and hear. The game becomes incredibly immersive as it tricks all your senses into thinking that you’re really there.”

It is a 100% officially licensed Resident Evil product and costs about $16. Eurogamer has reported that you can pre-order it through the Merchoid website from today, and shipping starts on January 20, but the link doesn’t appear to be working yet.

This has “worst idea” written all over it, as it would be too easy to light this candle while you’re playing, knock it over, and realize too late that you’ve set the house on fire. That might be why it’s not on the site anymore, but who knows. I keep getting a 404 for this link, but I have seen no other reports saying this was a hoax yet. Please let this horrible idea be real, I want a Resident Evil wood/blood scented candle. If this is real and comes back to the site, please by the gaming gods that be, do not keep this candle anywhere near your VR equipment (even if that defeats the purpose a bit).

What do you think of this great and horrible candle? Would you get one too? Let us know in the comments below!

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