YOLO Rush App Is a Must-Play

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Yolo Rush puts a brand new spin on classic match 3 gameplay. Part match 3 puzzler, part fighting game, Yolo Rush is a competitive gamer’s dream come true.

Just like a classic matching game, Yolo Rush challenges you to line up 3 symbols of the same color to clear them from the board. Matching brings you closer to winning the game, and also frees up new room on the board creating potential for large chains.

Sounds pretty standard so far, right? The twist is that this time, you aren’t just matching in a vacuum. Instead, you’re competing against other characters to defeat them in a matching battle. Each match you make during gameplay will contribute towards beating them.

With this one simple twist, Yolo Rush spins the whole matching formula on its head. Now creating cascades of matches is more important than ever, and quick thinking is at a premium. Your enemies will actively work to outsmart you, so your wits will be pushed to their max.

Luckily, Yolo Rush has an array of special items you can use whenever you’re in a tight spot. Blast symbols off the board with TNT, or use a rocket to clear a path. These items open up new avenues for huge combos that will give you the competitive edge. Eventually, you may even be able to active Fever Mode, a sort of blitz-style mode where you can make massive matches. Fever Mode will often swing a battle into your favor, making for exciting comeback potential.

As if mashing up fighting games and match 3 titles wasn’t enough, Yolo Rush also features a collection mechanic.

Each battle is fought with Heroes. You’ll start with a few basic Heroes, but many more will be unlocked as you keep winning. Each Hero has unique Hit Points and Attack statistics, as well as Special moves. Collecting stronger Heroes will let you beat enemies faster and easier. Similarly, you can level your Hero up by playing with them to improve their statistics.

Finally, there is a dungeon crawling mode where you can rush levels to collect new gems. These gems can be spent in an in-game store to power up your fighters.

Part fighting game, part match 3 puzzle and part collect-a-thon, Yolo Rush blends the best of many genres to create a unique puzzler experience. If you like fast-paced competitive gameplay, fun puzzles and collecting cute Heroes, Yolo Rush is a must.

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