Microsoft Takes Down Scalebound Videos

After the sudden and tragic cancellation of Microsoft’s would-be exclusive Scalebound, the company is also scrubbing all trailers from its Xbox YouTube page. If you try to find them via links from the Scalebound Twitter the videos are labeled as either removed or made private.

This is certainly an odd move on behalf of Microsoft, after having promoted this game for nearly four years. It could be anything from a licensing issue to wanting to protect the IP until such a time that Platinum Games can work on it again. We can’t say for sure yet, but you can still find some footage of Scalebound on the Xbox YouTube page as part of the E3 2016 montage. As Microsoft probably didn’t want to erase promotional material from one the most important events in gaming. In addition, any Scalebound videos on the Platinum Games’ YouTube page has not yet been taken down so you can watch them there too.

As Hulfish mentions in his report of the cancellation, the development of Scalebound was already in trouble especially after the lackluster reception at 2016’s E3. Perhaps the relationship between developer and publisher was not as rosy as we hope and Microsoft is playing it safe by taking down the videos on its channel and leaving the ones on Platinum’s.

Do you think Microsoft is right to take down Scalebound‘s videos? Why do you think Microsoft did it? Let us know in the comments below!

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