Rocket League Getting New Maps With Rocket Labs

In case you were getting tired of the same old maps in Rocket League, Psyonix will be releasing a new playlist called Rocket Labs. These maps are promised to be wildly different from the past releases.

In an announcement from Gamespot, Rocket Labs will be included in the update later this February. These maps will be prototype arenas with a virtual reality aesthetic. If players enjoy one of these work-in-progress maps enough, it will receive some final art assets and become a real map.

The maps will roll out in cycles with the first three appearing alongside the launch of Rocket Labs. Utopia Retro is a re-imagining of a similar track in Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle Cars. Underpass will feature different elevations and allow for some aerial experimentation. Double Goal is similar to its name. The map will feature two openings on each side as the goals.

It is interesting to see a developer allowing players to test maps before they release.  By doing this, they can try out a wide variety of map layouts without having to go through the process of applying art assets to each one. This basically means that Psyonix should be able to release more maps more often.

On a different note, the February update will also bring a much needed report function for offensive players.  This will be accessed within the mid-game menu and will basically send the full chat log to Psyonix for review.

Also, for you Xbox One owners who have been dying to get your hands on Rocket League, the game will be coming out later this month.

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