Amazon Echo Quotes Mass Effect

One Reddit user couldn’t have put it better – here is one “useless tip of the day” to satisfy your nerdy heart. The post reads “if you own an Amazon Echo (or Dot), ask ‘does this unit have a soul?'”. It’s a small Mass Effect Easter egg that is both sad and very cute, as the Echo replied with “Keelah Se’lai, my friend.”

For those who don’t know, the Amazon Echo is line of virtual assistants much like Siri from the iOS that you place in your home and it allows you to play music, check the weather and traffic anywhere in the US, hear sports scores, and more. They also send all of this information back to Amazon, including your shopping habits which has led to a few amusing stories of folks accidently buying strange things.

Nonetheless, it seems whoever designed this assistant was a big fan of Mass Effect, as seen in the Tweeted video below of user @TheAblionGirl testing the Amazon Echo Dot.

“Does this unit have a soul?” is a question the geth character Legion poses to its quarian creators in an act of irony. “Keelah se’lai” is a phrase used by the quarian race, and most notably your squadmate Tali. It’s of course a little more complicated in the game, but if you’d like a refresher (and have a box of tissues at hand) the video below will explain it all.

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