Xbox Boss Doesn’t Care For “Winning E3”

Say it often enough and it might come true. Phil Spencer has yet again pronounced his unwillingness to acknowledge the console war in a recent Tweet to a fan. Apparently, the business executive is unconcerned with “winning E3” and far more happy to show off the Scorpio when it’s ready. As of yet, Spencer says he is undecided about whether to present the Scorpio at this year’s E3 or not.

The fan in question had asked after the latter decision, but was met with “I’d add happiness with the product trumps all, confidence in brand is important. PR wins aren’t really my focus.” Uh-huh, and Xbox doesn’t make consoles. E3 is the most important gaming event in America for the entire year, undermining it like that is a blindsided choice. However when instead asked about the progress on the Scorpio, Spencer gave a somewhat more reasonable reply, “our 1st party teams are getting engines up and tuned, great progress across studios.”

Good news, but none of Microsoft’s first-party studios have confirmed that they are working on any games that will take advantage of the Scorpio’s power. Especially with the moderate success of the PS4 Pro, it seems as though there is no marketing reason to leave Scorpio out of E3. So perhaps things are not going so well for Microsoft, but we’ll have to wait and see to be sure.

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