Doom Release Date Revealed by Bethesda

We all knew we’d be playing Bethesda’s new Doom reboot later this year, but how many could guess it would be this early? According to the reveal from Bethesda, the Doom release date is set as May 13.

Additionally, there will be a premium collector’s edition. Anyone who pre-orders any version of the game will receive bonuses as well.

The collectors edition will come with a 12-inch statue of the Revenant demon we’ve seen in all the promotional material. Bethesda states that the statue has been modeled from “actual in-game 3D files.” The demon is mounted base lit with LED’s. Also included in this edition is “battle worthy” metal case for your game. doom release date revealed by bethesda may 2016 premium collectors editionBy pre-ordering either edition of the game, you unlock the Demon Multiplayer Pack. In it is a unique demon armor set with three different skin variations, six metallic paint colors, and three logos that can be applied to various weapons and armors. Players also unlock six Hack Modules, which are consumable items that can “give you an edge in a multiplayer match.

Check out the new Doom campaign trailer below and you’ll see why this is our 2nd most anticipated game of 2016. If you like what you see, go ahead and pre-order your copy. If you really like what you see, maybe you should pre-order the collectors edition. Either way, get ready for some demon-slaying fun!

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