Investors Unimpressed With Nintendo Switch

After reports of being sold out in many stores and the hype after the live presentation, you would think the Switch had a fairly good launch. Well, apparently investors in the console’s company were not so impressed. Nintendo’s shares have dropped over 2% in the Tokyo exchange just between last Friday (January 13th) and today.

Investors are especially concerned the Switch’s price, noting that it was marketed up significantly from the leaked $250 before the presentation. The console’s line-up of games are an apparent sore spot too, investors noting that the Switch “will have less than a dozen titles when it goes on sale, half what the Wii U had when it debuted.”

It seems that only an increase in sales is the way to relieve the investor’s fears, as according to Bloomberg “since [Nintendo’s] Wii peak about a decade ago, Nintendo shares have slumped by about two-thirds, losing more than $50 billion in market value.”

The price will go down, in my opinion, once the console has launched and sales slow down. So I think it’s a little preemptive to be complaining about the price right now, however they aren’t wrong about the game line-up. For most, the exciting titles are Super Mario Odyssey, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, and Splatoon 2 and those might not all appeal to the wider mainstream audience.

Is the price right for you, or did it matter at all what the price would be? How do you like the line-up of Switch games so far? Let us know in the comments below!

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