Portal Knights, a 3D Sandbox RPG, Coming to Steam

505 games, publisher of Terraria and Payday 2, has just announced a new sandbox RPG called Portal Knights. Developed by Keen Games, Portal Knights is a PC exclusive, scheduled to launch on Steam Early Access February 25th. It looks to have many similarities to other gathering/crafting sandbox games we’re familiar with (Minecraft, for instance), but with several fantasy and RPG elements to set it apart.

The game features three fairly standard RPG classes for players to choose from: warrior, mage, and ranger, as well as customizable appearance, abilities, and gear, which can be upgraded throughout the game. You can play solo or cooperatively with parties of up to four players, teaming up to build various structures or explore dungeons in a colorful, whimsical environment. Players can adventure across multiple randomly-generated worlds, which are connected by portals (hence the title).

Each class features its own unique abilities and equipment, as well as specific crafting trees, with over 100 different creations possible from the available resources.  Players can fight monsters with the fast-paced “tactical action combat” system (the bosses are known as Portal Guardians, and are allegedly quite formidable), and build houses or strongholds to store their loot, as well as farms to plant and harvest crops.

For more information, you can check out the official site.

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