Nioh PvP Multiplayer will Arrive Free After Launch

Competitive multiplayer fans rejoice, Nioh PvP is coming. In a free update after the game’s launch, players with be able to compete against one another to test their skills.

nioh pvpAccording to Gamespot, game director Yosuke Hayashi wants fans of PvP to know that Nioh will definitely cater to them.

“We figured that a lot of different gamers, including those who enjoy Dark Souls, would also play Nioh,” he said. “In the past, we did get feedback from our gamers about whether or not this kind of [PvP] feature existed. We wanted to make sure that we made a commitment to it, and to announce it.”

With the announcement of Nioh PvP coming only weeks before it’s release on February 9, you might worry that this signals a last-minute addition. Even worse would be that this mode was forced in just to please fans. However, Hayashi as suggested that this is simply not true.

“As a rule within the game, William, as well as the enemies that you fight, move and operate in the same way. The reason why we created that game rule is because of developing player versus player at a later date.”

There is still no word on whether Team Ninja is developing specific arenas or using the same environments from the main campaign. For now, we must wait until the game releases in just a few short weeks.

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