EA Play 2017 Officially Announced for E3 Time

EA has announced that they will hold yet another EA Play this year around E3 2017 time.

ea play 2017

EA Play 2017 will take place from June 10-12 at the Hollywood Palladium and it will be broadcasted to the world live on EA.com (and likely YouTube and Twitch, if we had to venture a guess).

EA Play 2017 will allow those who can attend to experience hands-on gameplay, live entertainment, and more surrounding Electronic Arts’ slate of upcoming games.

Of course, EA didn’t offer any sort of details along the lines of what new games they’ll be showing, but we’re expecting the publisher to improve the show from last year, given its miserable reception. In fact, after watching last year’s E3 showing from EA, I went on to note that they need to change their strategy for E3 2017.

It’s our first bit of big E3 news this year, and it’s likely that we’ll start learning more soon. Hopefully, EA will show the only game that anyone actually wants to see announced, Skate 4, but we have a feeling that’s not going to happen, ever.

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