Ubisoft Announces the Faction War for For Honor

Ubisoft, clearly trying to up the hype for its already exciting upcoming game For Honor, the studio posted a new trailer. The trailer focuses on explaining what the Faction War is all about, though it is essentially just that. A faction war among the warrior classes striving to get more territory than the other. It is up the player to pick a side and use their heroes to take down the other two factions.

Persistence, is certainly the name of the game. What makes the Faction War all the more exciting, is that it takes into account progress made on all three platforms, PC, PS4, and Xbox One. At the end of each session, rewards will be given to players of the winning faction.

Keep in mind, this is still part of the beta, which runs from January 26-29 on all of the latter platforms. You can of course join the beta by Ubisoft’s official site for the game, or the newly made event website. Go forth and slice your way through your enemies.

Are you excited for the Faction War? Which faction is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

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