FF XII: The Zodiac Age Remastered Showcased Trailer At TaiPei Game Show

Early last year Square Enix announced that it would be remastering Final Fantasy 12: The Zodiac Age for the PS4 and has just showcased a new trailer at the Taipei Game Show.

The trailer included entirely combat gameplay through one particular area in the game. The boss fight showcases that the new version still preserves the Gambit system the Zodiac Age was so famous for, or infamous depending on your opinion of the original game.

There is no word yet if Square Enix has made any of the necessary improvements to streamline the combat system, nor has there been a release date yet.

As of now, this video is likely to just to remind fans that Square Enix is indeed still working on this project and has plans to complete it. In addition to the new feature included in another video that depicts the entire fight in the new turbo mechanic. This essentially speeds up the game so that the player may explore and grind more quickly without spending too many hours leveling up — a feature fans of the Zodiac Age who are more eager for the story side of things will be able to enjoy.

It certainly seems like an odd decision, since the original PS2 game wasn’t very popular. But it looks like Square Enix has more faith in the game than some fans do; the company is determined to polish this remaster until it shines like a new penny. I’m certainly happy to see the remaster as it sounds like a fairly interesting game, despite the oddly complicated combat system.

Are you looking forward to the Zodiac Age? What would you like to see changed from the original? Let us know in the comments below!


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