Unravel Reviews Are In, And They’re Mostly Good

Remember Yarny?

At E3 2015, EA unveiled their new IP, Unravel, on the large screen to thousands watching the EA conference. A developer soon took the stage, and viewers did not know what to expect. Martin Sahlin, the director of the game, held an adorable red yarn creature in his hands, showing the world the dedication and passion he had for his creation. The crowd was easily won over by the gorgeous trailer/gameplay, Sahlin’s heartfelt presentation, and Yarny himself, the adorable protagonist of Unravel.

According to Sahlin, he was inspired by a vacation he took in Sweden, taking a little version of Yarny around with him to create realistic physic based environments. His E3 presentation was an enormous success, winning several E3 awards and fan anticipation.

In the midst of AAA titles and the anticipated gaming sequels, Unravel stood out, despite the fact that it’s actually published by mega publisher EA. It had no violence, but a heartfelt story that dealt with connecting memories through yarn. It also differed from the basic run and jump platform titles, making an entirely new experience gamers have not seen before. After months of waiting, Unravel makes its way digitally to PSN, Xbox Live, and PC in mere hours, and unsurprisingly, it’s receiving positive reviews.

On Metacritic, Unravel has already received an average of 81 for PS4 and a 75 on Xbox Live. Some individual scores include a 7/10 from Gamespot and an 8.3/10 from IGN. The reviews are mostly positive, only one or two critic reviews noting that the puzzles can be frustrating. However, that’s an expected game mechanic in any puzzle platformer. According to GameZone, review scores are all over the place, guessing that “lower scores are from people that are bad at puzzles”. However, it is important to note that none of the scores so far are considered “bad” or negative by any means, and most of the critic scores are in the positive range. That being said, Unravel will not be for everyone, especially for those who can get easily frustrated with completing puzzles. However, the already positive reviews are a good indication of the game itself, especially the heart warming story

Unravel is set to release tomorrow, February 9th, for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

If you cannot wait any longer, feel free to make your own Yarny. You can also check out what other February game releases are on the way.

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