Dead Island: Retro Revenge Replacing Dead Island 2?

dead islandIt has been awhile since we’ve heard any news about Dead Island 2.  Now, according to a small leak, we have learned a little about Dead Island: Retro Revenge.

The leaked game is another victim of the Australian Classification Board. Retro Revenge was given an M rating for bloody violence and online interactivity. While the title is listed as a “computer game,” we do not know whether this game is coming to PC or consoles or both.

The developer associated with the new title is Empty Clip Studios. This small studio is known for Groovin’ Blocks, a music-based puzzle game for the Wii. They are also behind a shooter on PC called Symphony. Koch Media is publishing the title.

What is important to note is that previous games in the Dead Island franchise were published by Deep Silver, a part of Koch Media. Dead Island is supposedly still in development. Last April, we were informed that the title was delayed into 2016. Just months later, the game’s developer Yager was taken off the project. The decision was mutual due to “differences of opinion.”

Does this mean that Retro Revenge is the new title of the sequel? Is Empty Clip Studios the new developer? For all we know, this could very well just be a new spin-off for the series. Only time will tell as we get further into 2016. We’ll definitely be here to let you know.

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