Former Head of Rockstar Leslie Benzies Developing Everywhere

After a long hiatus, the former boss of Rockstar North and the Grand Theft Auto Series is back in the limelight. Leslie Benzies is currently working on a new game called Everywhere.

leslie benziesThe new game is being built on Amazon’s Lumberyard engine. It offers the AAA engine needed with built-in integration between other Amazon web services like GameLift and Twitch.

“Amazon’s technologies and cloud services provide us the power and flexibility to create a new type of game that was never before possible for today’s massive gaming communities,” said Benzies in a statement to Polygon. “Lumberyard’s client and cloud features free us up to focus on the innovative, creative elements of our game.”

Lumberyard is a free-to-use engine that is built on top of CryEngine, another engine that’s known for its graphical capabilities. Unlike Unreal or Unity, Lumberyard has no requirement to share a game’s revenue. Instead, Amazon looks to earn profit from other features like GameLift or Twitch.

“The working title of this new game is Everywhere and the vision is long-term, with the capacity to develop and grow forever,” said Benzies. “Our goal is to create a platform where players can be entertained, and also entertain others while blurring the lines between reality, and a simulated world.”

Joining Leslie Benzies are fellow Rockstar alums, Matthew Smith and Colin Entwistle. Together the three have worked on projects like Red Dead RedemptionL.A. Noire, and Grand Theft Auto 5.
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