Discussion: Where Do You Go For Honest Game Reviews?

honest game reviewsAfter reading a recent post on Forbes about video game reviews being broken — rather, video game press not being reliable with their reviews — we want to start a serious discussion about game reviews. Specifically, we want to know where our readers go for reliable, trustworthy and honest video game reviews.

Especially with the recent closing of Gametrailers, which we believed to be an honest outlet with their reviews, finding honest game reviews has become somewhat of a chore. Don’t believe video game reviews are broken? This screenshot, brought to you by said Forbes article, shines a light on the issue rather nicely:

street fighter v reviews

We’re not going to get into the specifics about Street Fighter V‘s many issues here, or bother naming outlets that we no longer trust (Forbes’ Jason Evangelho does that all rather nicely already), but what we do want to do here is start a discussion: Where do you go for reliable game reviews? What sites do you find to line-up with the gaming community? Sound off in the comments below to start the discussion — we’d love to have a constructive dialog about it.

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