Insomniac Games Speaks Out Against Trump

Insomniac Games, the studio responsible for the Ratchet and Clank series, The Song of the Deep, and the upcoming Spider-Man game for the PS4 have taken a stand against one of U.S. President Donald Trump’s executive orders.

In a video posted to the studio’s YouTube channel, they announce that they have officially joined the growing number of game developers and tech executives, including a number of indie game studios and Microsoft president and CEO.

The order in question is Trump’s ban on immigrants and travelers from seven specific countries whose majority population is of the Muslim faith. On this, Insomniac Games’ CEO Ted Price stated:

“we at Insomniac Games stand united in strongly opposing President Trump’s immigration ban. There’s no question that these orders will harm us as a company and many of our team members. So we ask ‘Is this the American way? Is discriminating based on religious faith or national origin American?’ Absolutely not. This is a deplorable, discriminatory act that we and many others across the nation believe is patently unconstitutional. We have been, we are and we will always be a nation of immigrants.”

At the end of the video, Price implores those that stand with them to call their elected representatives and join other opposition campaigns, like the ACLU. Though Insomniac Games is clearly a very diverse studio, do you think they are right to get into politics this way? Or do you believe this is the perfect way to get the gaming community more involved in issues that might affect our favorite games? Debate away in the comments below!

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