Pokemon Sun and Moon are the Next Pokemon Games

pokemon sun and moonThis is probably one of the strongest rumors in recent memory. A pair of trademarks have been found online for Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon.

It is highly likely that these are the next game titles in the popular Pokemon series. Trademarks for both Sun and Moon can be found on the Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market’s website.

What makes this rumor even more grounded is that the trademarks included the logos you can see below. These titles definitely seem to follow the Pokemon tradition of having opposites for the pair of titles.

pokemon sun and moonPokemon had become a yearly tradition in recent memory, but Nintendo and developer Game Freak took off last year. We aren’t sure what this could mean for the franchise, but we are hoping that this will translate to an improved story to coincide with the refined gameplay.

Just yesterday, Nintendo announced that it will be holding a 5-minute long Pokemon Direct this Friday, February 26 at 7 AM PT.

With such a short Direct, it seems unlikely that the would be showing much more than a few trailers. Regardless, we are certainly excited for Pokemon Sun and Moon. If both those games come out and we also get a localization of Detective Pikachu, this will become an epic year for fan everywhere.

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