Final Fantasy 15 Studio Will Be Redesigning Power Ranger Suits

Square Enix unveiled “muteki suits” as a free Final Fantasy XV download during its Final Fantasy 30th anniversary event in Tokyo. The suits work a lot like Link’s Fierce Deity Mask only with the time limit, granting the player a whole 30 minutes of invincibility and improved fishing abilities. Unfortunately, they can only be used once every 24 hours. Nonetheless, the suits will be available soon for February 21st. Despite such a fast approaching release date, the design of the suits has already run into some trouble.

As you may have noticed, they look a lot like Power Ranger suits, and it seems the Power Ranger company saw it too. According to Square Enix’s Marketing Manager Akio Ofuji, “we were told to be careful with what we say [about this]. So, I will let everyone know what’s going on.” Square Enix was apparently contacted by the latter company and “spent the day looking into various things, and what we’ve decided is to redo the design.”

FFXV director Hajime Tabata also pointed out that during the design, the studio wasn’t actively trying to make it look like Power Rangers at all, “they don’t look exactly the same, and as for the copyright, even if these are our original designs, it seems like they will cause problems for others.”

As such, it looks like the studio is going back to the drawing board and will be pushing the release date until further notice. Do you think they really didn’t mean to make the suits look like Power Rangers? Compare away in the comments below!

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