Battlefield 5 May Take Place in World War 1

battlefield 5

**Update 5/6/16: We now know that Battlefield 1 is the name of the upcoming game, and it is indeed set in an alternate WW1 history.**

Original Story 2/26/16:

Rumors have surfaced about the next setting for Battlefield 5. While many war shooters have been heading towards future technologies, it looks like they’ll be going back in time.

The possible leak comes from a listing on German retailer World of Games. While the listing has since been updated to describe the game as a “multiplayer tactical shooter,” it originally described something slightly different.

Originally discovered on Twitter, EA‘s upcoming shooter was described as “Mehrspieler Taktik Shooter im 1. Weltkrieg” which translates to “Multiplayer tacitcal shooter in WWI.”

Either way, the game’s release is listed as October 26, 2016.

We have to admit that we are rather intrigued by the idea. It feels like war shooters have been stuck in either the modern are or the not-too-distant future. While the modern settings should allow more flexibility, it instead comes across is more of the same.

Going back to a historical setting will make for a much-needed change of pace. Even so, WWI will certainly prove to be a tricky setting for a multiplayer shooter. We can’t help feeling like this setting feels more in line with a smaller spin-off instead. Trench warfare just doesn’t translate well to the adrenaline-filled campaigns we’ve been accustomed to.

However it turns out, it will be nice to explore more of the under-utilized WWI. If October 26 is really the expected release date for Battlefield 5, we should expect to hear more news soon.

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