Xbox One Update: Buy Xbox 360 Games, 16 People Chats

Another month means another update for Xbox fans. This month, you’ll finally be able to purchase Xbox 360 games from your Xbox One, chat in parties of up to 16 people. and a whole lot more.

Starting with the Xbox One, the big feature to be added is the ability to download Xbox 360 games onto your Xbox One. While backwards compatibility has been around for months now, previously you couldn’t purchase the games you didn’t already own. This is definitely great for those hit titles that you may have missed last generation.

Coming to both the Xbox One and the Xbox app is an increase to the party chat limit. While it was previously upgraded to 12 people, now the limit will be increased to 16. Personally, this seems like it would sounds super hectic, but I imagine this may be great for the hardcore, tactical multiplayer fans.

The full list of incoming features is listed below. For more information, you can head on over to the official Xbox News page.

Coming to Xbox One Preview:

  • Purchase Xbox 360 compatible games on Xbox One
  • Include party chat in Twitch broadcasts
  • Output your party chat to headset and speakers simultaneously
  • Customizable game DVR recording length
  • Track achievement progress in the Xbox One guide
  • Video playback directly in the Xbox One activity feed

Coming to the Xbox App:

  • Gamerscore leaderboard
  • Updated “Featured” section

Coming to Both:

  • 16-person party chat
  • Xbox 360 achievements in Xbox One and Xbox app activity feeds
  • Follow web links and YouTube videos from game hubs
  • Compare your avatars
  • Reputation rating interface changes

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