Top 10 Nintendo Switch Games We’d Want to Play

Nintendo Switch

**With the Nintendo NX officially named the Nintendo Switch, let us re-present the list of Nintendo NX games now as Nintendo Switch games.**

Original Posted March 8, 2016:

With the recent Nintendo direct discussing a small, and potentially final, wave of games coming to the 3DS and Wii U, we are now beginning to look forward to what’s next: the Nintendo Switch. What will this console bring to the next generation of gaming? Will it change the tides of war or will it lose more traction than the Wii U has in this past generation?

Only time will tell with the outcome of Nintendo’s next big move, but for now, we’re all about speculating and wishing here at Nerd Much. With that in mind, here are the top 10 Nintendo Switch games we’d want to play:

1. A 3D, open world Pokémon

open world pokemon game

This might be a little crazy to ask for, but this is something that has been on the mind of gamers since as long as Pokémon has existed. With the new announcement of Sun and Moon, we find ourselves excited for a new installment of portable Pokémon games. This excitement has been tried and true for the series and has been the reason the sales are consistently steady.

Just imagine if Monster Hunter and Pokémon mixed into one game (that would be incredible). Going into the safari zone, finding a wild Cubone roaming in some tall grass, hiding from plain sight until you approach and that’s when the action begins. It would either be turn-based or action-oriented, more like Monster Hunter, but something along those lines would blow every gamer away.

If Nintendo and Game Freak pulled this off, it would push a ton of copies. In fact, I would buy a Switch console solely for this game. Pokémon has had some experience on consoles with Pokémon Stadium, Pokémon Snap, and Pokkén Tournament. The Switch would be the perfect opportunity to bring Pokemon back to consoles.

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2. A Superior Virtual Console

The greatest piece of weaponry in Nintendo’s warchest isn’t a single game, it’s an incredible backlog of games from the past. Nintendo has been a powerhouse in console gaming since the Japanese release of the Famicom in 1983 and then the North American release of the Nintendo Entertainment System in 1985.

Many gamers have grown up with Nintendo in their life, myself included. These days we find ourselves wanting to relive the classics, and the virtual console has been a great system for doing that, except that it is such a pain in the ass to use. With the downgraded Wii mode on the Wii U, the lack of cross-buy, and a sad number of N64 games, we find ourselves a little disappointed.

The reason they have to have a Wii mode to play Virtual consoles games is beyond me; Wii games should just be able to work on the Wii U, or at least, they should allow you to cross-buy. Or, the experience should come at a discounted price. Buying 3 copies of Super Mario World at the price of $7.99 seems a little redundant.

With the PS Now service including a large number of classic PlayStation games and the cross-buy functionality between PS-Vita and PS4 and PS3, it seems logical for Nintendo to follow suit.

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3. Metroid Switch

And, I don’t mean Federation Force. I’m still not completely sure why Federation Force is a Metroid game, but I guess I shouldn’t be too harsh towards a game that hasn’t come out yet. Maybe by some crazy miracle Federation Force will blow me away.

The last Metroid game was Metroid Other M and it left a lot of fans wanting more than ever before. Other M came out in 2010, which means it might be 7 years later before we see another Metroid game. This project will hopefully be developed by Retro studios, who have been in charge of the recent Donkey Kong Country game’s development. Retro studios brought a new life into the Metroid series with Metroid Prime and will hopefully revitalize the series with the next installment, whenever that may be.

Metroid is a series that is in need, and Nintendo has to step to the plate and deliver with an incredible Metroid Switch game, 2D or 3D. Retro Games has a fantastic track record, and with the recent rumors that they have been working on a secret title, we’re hoping that a new Metroid is in the works.

4. 3D Mario Game

Super Mario 3D World for the Wii U was personally lacking in the charm and environment department. Mario Galaxy went into a new place with the gravity gameplay and the introduction of new characters. The Wii U needed a Mario Galaxy-type game that changes things in a great new way.

Though Super Mario 3D World was a fantastic game, I think the Nintendo Switch deserves a groundbreaking Mario title, something new. The Switch will, of course, need a big Mario game, and I am hoping they are developing one as I write. Mario has been a powerhouse for Nintendo sales-wise. Launching the system with a brand-new stylized Mario game would make everyone drool over the new system. Another installment in the Mario Galaxy series wouldn’t be the right move for the franchise, because Mario is a character that has changed the industry. With this new system, whatever it turns out to be, he can change it all over again.

I’ll note that the Nintendo Switch reveal video did showcase some form of a 3D Mario, and it looked a lot closer to the Mario 64 style of play than 3D World. Time will only tell.

5. Nintendo Land 2

Nintendo Land was an amazing game that the Wii U introduced as a launch title. It may be overlooked, and it isn’t a system selling game by any means, but it’s a game that brought back feelings of when local multiplayer was in its prime.

Nintendo Land was a packed in launch title for the Wii U that made many people envious when the system first arrived on the gaming scene. It’s a party game with many mini-games throughout, unlike Mario Party where each game is independent of one another. The three games that blew me away were all local multiplayer games: Mario Chase, Luigi’s Ghost Mansion, and Animal Crossing: Sweet Day. I couldn’t tell you how many hours I spent playing Animal Crossing: Sweet Day, but my friends and I would play until our eyes couldn’t stay open.

Sadly, the Wii U didn’t have very many titles after this that felt as exciting for the casual friend retreat. We are hoping that the Switch will bring friends and family together for a Nintendo Land 2 because I know I would love to play more of that Animal Crossing mini-game.

6. Banjo Kazooie

This may not be possible with Microsoft’s ownership of Rare, but I dream of the day Nintendo buys back the rights. Microsoft has been sitting on the franchise for too long, and Nintendo is the place for it to go. Banjo Kazooie and Banjo Tooie are classic N64 games that defined the childhood of many. The gameplay was fluid, the jokes were funny, and we couldn’t help but love the two main characters. It has been eight years since Banjo Kazooie Nuts and Bolts on the Xbox 360, and it’s about time for Microsoft to sell the rights to Nintendo.

This may be impossible, but it is something gamers everywhere would love to see. Even having Banjo Kazooie and Tooie on the virtual console would be a treat, but I fear Microsoft will keep that franchise close. Maybe one day Microsoft will make another entry in the Kazooie franchise, but until then, it’s just wishful thinking.

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7. Castlevania Switch

Castlevania is a series that has not had much love lately, especially with mediocre reviews of the most recent titles that came out for the 3DS. Also, it’s been six years since the last console release. The transition from 2D to 3D has been a difficult one for the series, when the best in the franchise came during the height of 2D platformers with the SNES and Gameboy Advance.

The Switch would be a fantastic choice for the continuation in the series while working off what made the older games so successful. Castlevania once was a high profile series with game after game being high quality and highly received, but once 3D became the norm, the franchise started to fade. Castlevania has had a lot of success on Nintendo platforms and the Nintendo Switch is the perfect opportunity for seeing it rise from the ashes. We have high hopes that Castlevania will live again because Dracula never truly dies and Belmonts can’t let the world go into too much chaos.

8. F-Zero

We have not seen enough of Captain Falcon and his trademarked Blue Falcon. With another console going by and no sign of F-Zero, we can only hope that the Switch will finally bring this fast-paced racing series back into the spotlight with some new tricks up its sleeve.

It has been 13 years since F-Zero GX on the Gamecube, and we think it’s time for a return to Mute City and Big Blue. Every time we see the Captain on Super Smash Brothers, we can’t help but wonder when we will race again. The series is known to be fairly difficult, but we love it, which is why we believe it needs a comeback badly. With Star Fox finally coming out with a new game for the Wii U, we hope F-Zero will make its way to the Switch at some point close to release.

9. Earthworm Jim 4

The grooviest character around needs some love. Earthworm Jim is a series in dire need of a comeback. The last console game, Earthworm Jim 3D came out in 1999 on the N64 with mediocre reviews. The series hasn’t had much life since, with some cancelled games and Earthworm Jim HD, a remake of the original in 2010 with revamped graphics and a new multiplayer mode.

Earthworm Jim is a character known for quirky humor and ridiculous gameplay that never gets old. We would love for Interplay to publish a new game in the series with as much love and care as the original games. Let’s hope that Nintendo makes dreams come true, and the Switch gets a new Earthworm Jim game.

10. EARTHBOUND 2 or Mother 4

Gamers have waited many years for Fallout 4, Mirror’s Edge 2, and even Duke Nukem Forever. These games have come out after long waits, but Earthbound 2/Mother 4 is still a mystery. It has been far too long since the last installment in 1995. We have seen Ness and Lucas on Super Smash Brothers, so we know Nintendo is still aware of these characters and the incredible games they came from. However, we still don’t hear a word about a new game on the horizon.

We want Earthbound 2. That’s something that will blow every gamer away and would make the Switch sell like hotcakes. With Hal Laboratories finishing up development for Kirby and the Rainbow Curse in 2015, we can only hope that they are working on Earthbound 2. It’s almost 21 years later, and we haven’t seen a North America release of an Earthbound game. Maybe this will happen, we will just have to wait and see for Nintendo to release the highly anticipated Switch.

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